Wednesday, April 6, 2016


"Dirt" has got a dirty name
Its notorious fame... may not be as bad
as "grime" or "slime"... but its name IS mud.
Just add water and you'll see
Just how muddy dirt can be

Poor dirt. It gets a bad wrap
People step all over it and track
... it over floors and rugs
and this really bugs... the dirt haters
who stamp it out with chemical warfare
Eradicating dirt till there's no more there
Till that dirt is just
Tiny particles of dust

Why do I care you ask?
About dirt and its past?
Well, dirt means the EARTH to me!
It keeps me grounded
It is a place to stand AND a place to grow
It is something to dig and something to hoe
It's the sand and the land where seedlings curl
It makes up my whole world!

Dirt has got a dirty name
But it shouldn't be blamed... for our planet's mess
I think it's time to celebrate grime and all its quirks
I'm not afraid to admit it...
I really dig dirt!

by Donna Holmes
July 1, 2013

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